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2B- Protect your Eyes

(shields against eye DEW attacks)

For mild eye targeting, I recommend wearing your sunglasses indoors. For stronger targeting, I recommend Xenolite’s lead radiation-protection glasses.

“You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.” — Larry David on ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’

Add a third category: targeted individuals. I began to feel pressure on my eyes that seemed unnatural and came out of nowhere. There was no gradual worsening; it was just suddenly there was some pressure on my eyes, and acted like an irritant. I’ve had eye problems before esp. eye dryness and fatigue from looking at the computer screen too long- this was none of those things. And suspiciously, it would happen during the time I was targeted the most; from 6 PM on. It would be hard for me to keep my eyes open; reading a book or computer screen would be challenging. I would often get “red eyes” as a result.

What I found is that if I wore my sunglasses indoors, the pressure would be relieved. You can still use your computer (just turn up the brightness). The eye discomfort goes away. It appears that the targeting includes directed energy at your eyes; these people are sick, fortunately there are solutions to block their weapons.

When sunglasses are NOT enough, I recommend Xenolite’s lead radiation-shielding glasses. The glasses are made out of lead glass. These work very well.

I was watching the Women’s Finals in the US Open (tennis) and had sharp pressure on my eyes. I put the Ultralite frame glasses on and the pressure that was giving me “red eyes” and making it hard to keep my eyes open went away. I own both the Ultralite and the Maxi glases; I slightly prefer the Ultralite because the lenses are larger- both they both are good and do the job.

These glasses are made with lead oxide and offer 0.75 mm lead equivalent protection (recall that the shielding we recommend for body protection is 0.3 to 0.5; so this is quite high). The glasses are made with SCHOTT radiation-protection glass (click here to read about it). Whatever frequency they are using for DEW (my research suggests it is mostly 6–50 GHz), it cannot pass through this material.

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