3- Sleeping Easy (how a TI can get a good night’s sleep despite DEW interference and acoustic attacks)

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(Shielding against sleep disruption and microwave auditory attacks at night. I have NOT tested this on V2K voices)

Perps like to keep TI’s up at night. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you are more susceptible to their acoustic attacks, voices/subliminal speech; more intimidated by their gang-stalking. If their goal is to neutralize TI’s, make us ineffective and sideline us, sleep-deprivation is a key way to achieve this. Lack of sleep can exhaust a TI or lead some to become manic. Many TI’s report they are harassed (sometimes exclusively) at night — when they are about to sleep and during sleep.

Many TI’s deal with acoustic attacks- artificial high-pitched sounds delivered via microwave frequency. How do you sleep with the constant noise or when you’re hit in the head area with disruptive DEW all night long? My primary solution to this is what I call a head-tent. The tent goes over your head when you sleep; you lay on your pillows and the head tent goes overhead, covering your head on all sides.

(Keep in mind this recommendation is made in conjunction with body shielding at night. Perps can direct DEW at your chest area to keep you up, for example. In addition to the head tent, make sure you consider wearable shielding for the rest of your body at night as well.)

I will describe below how to make the head-tent with the materials I reference (and link to). The FIRST and most important thing I have to say about the head tent is that it is EASY to make- it’s not some kind of advanced DIY project- there’s mainly two materials you put together ;) Anyone can do it.

The TI Head Tent

Below you will see a picture of the basic head-tent.

The way the head tent works is that it is a basic small table covered by thick sheet lead. You might remember for the helmet, I used 1/32" lead; here we will use 1/8" lead- 4x thicker.

The basic head-tent consists of:

The cost for the basic head tent will be ~$250.

So you can see from the picture how this would work. The table sits on your bed. Your pillow and head go under. There should be no problem; you can breathe fine. The sheet lead is taped with duct tape so there is no lead exposure. I took one lead sheet (4 feet X 1 foot) and used it to wrap around the middle of the table; it covers the top and the sides. I took one additional lead sheet and curved it around the back. That’s basically it. The sheet lead, despite being thick, is soft so you can bend it with your hands.

You might think this would be claustrophobic. But I’ve had no problem with it. Remember, when you sleep, it is dark- you cannot see anything including the head-tent.

The 2nd lead sheet in the back is optional but highly recommended. I’ve found it helps attacks from the backside- and the sheet lead shields better than a lead vest even if you have it hanging off the back off the table. The back lead sheet is propped up on two small boxes so it can sit higher. The reason is I believe most of the frequencies are projected by satellite; they will likely be coming downward. Therefore it’s better for it to block from back and above. In addition to blocking DEW attacks, I’ve noticed some improvement in sound dampening (against Microwave Acoustic attacks) as a result of this change (from propping the back lead sheet up).

I think you’ll find the microwave sound is significantly dampened by this basic setup. You may still hear it but it will be fainter. This head-tent also is better at head shielding than the Shield cap or beanie; so you can worry less about subliminal V2K, projected images, and the standard mind games perps play. (Important Reminder: I have not tested this for V2K voices and do not know if it will work for that.)

Now that was the basic head-tent. I have two more improvements for an advanced head-tent. One, add lead dental aprons to cover open areas and block the front (but still be soft enough that you can put your head through it). Two, add Mu-Metal perfection annealed sheets to block magnetic fields.

Head-Tent Addition 1: Lead Aprons (full coverage for shielding)

I would recommend adding at least one apron to cover the front of table (where you insert your head to put it under the table). Regarding the dental aprons, here is what the tent looks like with them added:

What I’ve done is drape three lead aprons (using the Flow Dental lead apron) to cover the areas the lead sheet doesn’t shield. The aprons provide 0.5mm pb protection on the front, but you can lift it and put your head through. With this addition, the perp’s TI acoustic attack should be muffled significantly. You have protection everywhere around your head- you’ve put a barrier between their frequency and your head- which is their target for triggering the microwave hearing effect and also striking with DEW to keep you awake. Three vests is max; one will do you well if you already have the back plate (2nd sheet lead) in place. If you don’t have the backplate, I’d recommend at least two lead aprons.

The cost for the head tent + 2 Aprons will be: $550. However, you may find lower cost aprons that Flow Dental such as this one. I’ve not tried that apron but it appears to have same shielding (0.5 mm pb) as Flow Dental; using it would save you $100 total.

Head-Tent Addition 2: Mu-Metal (magnetic shielding)

(This is purely optional; I use the Mu-Metal occasionally as needed; ie: I’m not able to sleep with the head tent as-is. If you don’t want to add this, I still recommend you continue reading past it, as I have additional tips esp. to sleep through the microwave acoustic attack).

A second addition is Mu-Metal. Electromagnetic frequencies consist of both an electric field and a magnetic field. Most metal cannot shield from magnetic fields, only electric fields.

Mu-metal is a nickel–iron soft ferromagnetic alloy and is listed as one of the few ways to shield magnetic fields as per Wikipedia on “Electromagnetic Shielding”:

“For static or slowly varying magnetic fields (below about 100 kHz) the Faraday shielding described above is ineffective. In these cases shields made of high magnetic permeability metal alloys can be used, such as sheets of permalloy and mu-metal or with nanocrystalline grain structure ferromagnetic metal coatings. These materials don’t block the magnetic field, as with electric shielding, but rather draw the field into themselves, providing a path for the magnetic field lines around the shielded volume.”

Mu-metal comes highly recommended by a top TI shielding site- CounterTruth.

[Mu-Metal] is my go-to shielding material. I recommend this above ALL other things. I know this material is prohibitively costly, but it will provide you with the relief you’re seeking if you use it correctly, and it will save you time and disappointment as you cycle through other costly materials that don’t provide the relief you seek. I tell you this to save you all the time and money that I wasted on other materials, namely ceramics and rubber.

I’ve found that the ‘sheet-lead head tent’ + ‘lead aprons’ alone blocks much of the sound and other remote mind harassment techniques; however Mu-Metal provides another level of protection. Mind manipulation likely involves precise operations to a TI’s head (for example, beaming an image into a specific region in your visual cortex); so even if shielding cannot block entirely that frequency, it alters it enough for that effort to fail. However, “brute force” techniques towards the head such as DEW to cause headaches may be able to get through; and so may attacks which make use of the magnetic field properties of the EMF pulse. For one day, I removed my Mu-Metal from the head tent, and found when I was sleeping under it, that I occasionally got headaches (which I rarely get unless produced from an external source). Putting the Mu-Metal back removed those headaches almost immediately. Also without the Mu-Metal, I sometimes feel a buzzing sensation on my head. It doesn’t cause pain or seemingly have other effects but it is distracting- and it disappears with Mu-Metal.

I bought my Mu-Metal from Magnetic-Shielding (although many others sell it). Per the recommendation by CounterTruth, I purchased “perfection annealed” (hydrogen annealed) Mu-Metal foil; it is purchased by the foot. I specifically ordered: 12 feet of perfection annealed MU006–8. The “6” represents 0.006 inches thick. And the “8” represents 8 inches wide. I had no scientific basis for the 0.006" thickness choice; I thought I would experiment with it and see. You can always buy more sheets and attach them to each other to get cumulative thickness . The thickness offered for perfection annealed mu-metal from Magnetic Shielding are from 0.002" to 0.012".

For perfection annealed mu-metal, they only take orders over the phone (not on the website). I should point out that mu-metal is fairly expensive.

Once you receive the Mu-metal, I recommend you cut it into sheets that match the height/width dimensions of your head tent.

Note: Mu-Metal is VERY sharp. The first thing you should do when you receive it in the mail, is wear a thick set of work gloves that are cut resistant. Then tape the edges of the Mu-metal with Gorilla Tape (or similar) because although it doesn’t seem sharp, IT IS. Having them exposed near you at night could mean cutting yourself.

After this, I place the mu-metal sheets in four places with my head-tent: left, right, top, and back. Here is what a perfection annealed mu-metal sheet looks like after I’ve cut it to size and taped the edges:

You can see that I’ve taped two Mu-metal sheets together; each are 8 inches in width. This is so it fully covers the side of the head-tent which is approximately 16 inches in width.

Regarding adding the mu-metal to the head-tent, I just leave it there un-taped and unaffixed. The reason is that mu-metal loses some shielding properties if it bends. So I don’t want to bend it while affixing it; and I want to be able to move it out of the way when I clean the head tent. If it’s permanently attached to the tent, it may get bent in the process.

Update Nov ’19: From another TI, I received the following- a cheaper option to buying from Magnetic Shielding’s website. “LessEmf sells a Magnet Sheild foil which is hydrogen annealed the say is the same as Mu metal but they cant use the name. https://www.lessemf.com/mag-shld.html#276 . The web specs are wrong on the product. It is hydrogen annealed. Its about 3x cheaper. It doesnt come in .006 though. But it’s still similar specs 440,000 Max Permeability”

Some final non-shielding notes for TI’s trying to get a good night’s sleep

  • MP3 Player: I recommend a MP3 player and an MP3 recording featuring white noise. There are many of each to choose from. I used this one- Kingtop MP3 player- from Amazon ($30). I prefer the MP3 player to using my cell phone as I’ve had issues with the cell phone. If it rings, you’ll hear that too; same with notifications. Some of these can interrupt the music. Also I heard some odd high-pitched tone interwoven into the ‘white noise’ music on my phone. Not clear how it got there. I do believe my phone has been hacked in the past in conjunction with my targeting and foul-play is a possibility. The MP3 player is just a safer bet. I also recommend using headphones as it seems perpetrators can dynamically increase the “volume” on your microwave sound attackif you boost external audio. I’m not sure how their technology works but in my case the artificial “car alarm” sound would get progressively louder if I used a white-noise generator (which produces sound through a speaker) versus the white noise via headphones. You can listen to white noise via your MP3 player on repeat for the duration of the night. Whatever microwave sound sneaks past your head tent, it will be muffled by that white noise.
  • Use Sleep Headphones: You can connect your MP3 player (or phone) to sleep headphones, which are soft and let you sleep on them (meaning with your ear to the pillow) without discomfort. These are the ones I use from Amazon- CozyPhones. They’re about $20. They fit around your head and stay in place. Unlike earbuds they won’t fall out. And unlike pretty much any other headphones, they won’t feel awkward when you sleep on your side (with your ear against the pillow) or if you change position when sleeping.
  • Humidifier: Given that the head tent blocks off the rest of the room, for the most part, if you have a larger humidifier, you may not benefit from it as your head is blocked off. My recommendation? This little cactus humidifier you can buy on Amazon. It looks like a little cactus and emits a mist. Just put it in the corner of your head tent and it should humidify that area. (Remember to clean the inside of your head tent regularly; I use Lysol anti-bacterial spray- especially true if you use the humidifier).
  • Sleep on side: I found sleeping on my side worked well. At any given point in time, the projected sound would come from a certain direction. I could gauge by holding a lead sheet to my head and wherever it blocked the sound best was the direction it was coming from. Though this location (likely satellite based) changes over time, I found it stayed constant for weeks/months at a time. In my case, I was initially hit on the left side of my head, so I would lay with my left head face down on the pillow. Over the course of six months, I had to go from left to right back to left (as the location of the targeting origin changed); so there was a constancy for about 2 months at a time in terms of where I was targeted.
  • Thin Lead Sheet: At peak acoustic targeting, in addition to the head tent, I needed a separate 1/32" lead sheet, placed in a pillow cover, laying on top of the temple of my head. Or I would bend it to form an overall cover for my head and lay it covering my head while I slept on my side. This was a final barrier to blunt the microwave sound. Even at peak acoustic attack- with the tent, mp3 player, and final lead sheet- I was able to fall asleep.
  • Sleep meds: When I was first hit with the acoustic attack, I was not prepared and did not have a head tent. It took a while to get all the materials, test different configurations, assemble it and get it working. I don’t recommend strong sleep medication long-term but in the short-term sleep meds can help. I used over the counter melatonin (1g or less is fine; most melatonin bottles offer 5g or more which I think is overkill, for me at least). Your doctor could recommend prescription sleep medications if you feel you need them.
  • Pre-Sleep: OK, this is shielding related but it’s what you do before you go to sleep. I find sometimes perps agitate me before I go to sleep. They seem to energize my mind and body an hour or so I’m set to get ready for sleep. I believe the targets are the head (where they can excite your thought process, trigger emotions like excitement) and the heart or possibly lungs (which they can possibly speed up; heartbeat or breathing). I find that wearing my Shield cap and my lead apron/vest in the hour before I sleep is important to preventing this. I don’t always wear the vest but if I feel that ‘energetic’ feeling they’re using to make it harder to sleep, I’ll wear it.

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