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Of all the things I supposed would solve the TI fatigued/”out of it” feeling, Ambien would be at the back of my list. And yet from experience I’ve found it can do what nothing else can….

What Condition are We Talking About? Neutralization

One goal of perpetrators is to neutralize the Targeted Individual subject. This is to disrupt their functioning — to impair their mental and physical well-being so the target becomes effectively idle.

This is accomplished through EMF disruption of the TI’s central nervous system (CNS). When successful, the TI will develop the following symptoms:

  • Physical Fatigue
  • Depression — lack of desire to do anything, negative…

Lead rubber is soft; it bends. That means you can fold it over to multiply the thickness in a particular area, thus increasing the radiation protection and your ability to block an EMF attack. (if you are unfamiliar with TI usage of lead rubber to block DEW attacks, read this)

Why does this matter? At times perps will attack you in a specific spot. Let’s say you have a lead dental apron that is 0.3mm pb (0.3 millimeters thick of lead rubber). And they are hitting you in your heart area. Fold the lead vest in half and now you…

Here’s an interview I conducted with Michaela Maria about TI shielding. Michaela is based in Germany and has been a TI since 2004; that’s 15 long years. Several months back, she came across my TI Shielding recommendations through another TI newsletter. She thought the shielding might help protect her from the DEW attacks and EMF mental interference that she faced. The interview goes through her experience.

Michaela mentioned she may have some difficulty with English but I think you’ll understand the essence of her responses.

Over time, I noticed that it was hard for me to drive long distances. I would become fatigued to the point that after driving one hour, I would have to rest for four hours wherever I drove to. I would have to pull over half an hour in and use the restroom which never happened before. I avoided driving at all costs.

Then I tried wearing the apron when I drove- and it was a major difference. I no longer felt mid-section discomfort; I didn’t have to stop and use the restroom. …

Electromagnetic Frequency can be used in a variety of ways to attack a human body- it can cause pain, it can manipulate emotions; images and sound can even be transmitted. It does all this invisibly allowing the attack/manipulation to take place with minimal likelihood of detection. It serves as the ideal control mechanism for a nation state over its people or the financial power that sits behind it and pulls its strings.

Of course to the powers in our world, this is not novel at all. In 1953, more than 65 years ago, the Soviet Union used EMF against US…

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4- Some Final Shielding Thoughts

  • Remember to Use It: It’s important to remember to wear your shielding gear. If you work from home or are retired, you can wear your lead apron all day long at home. I will take it off, for example, when I get food delivered by Caviar; I wouldn’t want the delivery person thinking I’m doing some dangerous self-dentistry after all! After I’m finished eating, I’m getting better at remembering to put it back on. If you’re being hit with DEW, there’s a chance it’s not only ‘occasional zapping’ but chronic & subtle; which means that…

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(Shielding against sleep disruption and microwave auditory attacks at night. I have NOT tested this on V2K voices)

Perps like to keep TI’s up at night. When you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you are more susceptible to their acoustic attacks, voices/subliminal speech; more intimidated by their gang-stalking. If their goal is to neutralize TI’s, make us ineffective and sideline us, sleep-deprivation is a key way to achieve this. Lack of sleep can exhaust a TI or lead some to become manic. …

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2B- Protect your Eyes

(shields against eye DEW attacks)

For mild eye targeting, I recommend wearing your sunglasses indoors. For stronger targeting, I recommend Xenolite’s lead radiation-protection glasses.

“You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes.” — Larry David on ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’

Add a third category: targeted individuals. I began to feel pressure on my eyes that seemed unnatural and came out of nowhere. There was no gradual worsening; it was just suddenly there was some pressure on my eyes, and acted like an irritant. I’ve had eye problems before esp. eye dryness and fatigue from…

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(Body Shielding shields against DEW attacks: whether “sharp” and you feel the zap, or “subtle”- you don’t feel it gradually become more fatigued)

Before I jump into details, here are the vests I use to protect my body:

  • During the day- Xenolite Standard Vest (0.175mm/0.175mm), 600-B Lead composite, black, one size larger than I am. Thickness is custom-ordered (not an option on the website).
  • At Night- Xenolite Standard Vest (0.35mm/0.25mm), 600-B Lead composite, black, one size larger than I am. Thickness is custom-ordered (not an option on the website).

(click here to see the full…

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Perpetrators of targeted harassment want to drive you crazy. Naturally they focus on applying EMF weapons to your brain.

One key attack is the Microwave Auditory Attack — in which you’re made to perceive sounds. They do this through transmissions likely using microwave frequency- usually 1310MHz to 2982 MHz (although “Auditory response to transmitted frequencies from [as low as] 200 MHz to at least 3 GHz has been reported”). This is the range that Allan Frey in the 1960’s identified for microwave hearing. …


I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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