Able to Lift Weights for the First Time in 4 Years — TI Recovery

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It was odd seeing the inside of a gym again.

For 12 years, I had religiously gone to lift weights 3–4x a week, even when I was traveling for work or on vacation. Then all of a sudden in 2014 I started to slow down but didn’t know why. I went from being able to lift all my grocery bags with both hands all the way down two blocks to where I lived to hardly being able to lift them at all. I noticed I had to keep reducing the weight of the dumbbells I used at the gym until I couldn’t even lift the lightest. What was going on?? For the next 4 years, I saw endless medical specialists to diagnose what was wrong with me; why my body was failing me. They kept coming up empty.

It was not until a chance conversation with another TI in early 2018, when she described very common symptoms to me (especially a constant tenseness in muscles) that I realized it was a subtle form of DEW that was eroding my muscles without my even noticing. This after years of constant medical appointments and imagery led nowhere. EMF measurements confirmed that DEW was at play.

Never Suspected my Total Body Fatigue was DEW

I never suspected. My targeting, which I had for years, was either psychological or very overt stinging DEW that was obvious. I never realized there was a kind of subtle DEW that used microwave to break down muscle tissue without notice. It was kind of a “neutron bomb” of psychotronics — it did immense damage but without ‘making a scene’. I was shocked. I began to invest in metals like lead — I positioned them over parts of my body overnight and when I woke, that ONE muscle was refreshed in the morning — the others were all tense and spent!

A year of targeting investments and experimentation ensued. I wont’ revisit all of it; you can see all my research and shielding materials in my list of posts. In short, I found lightweight wearable metal shielding that I could actually wear under my clothes during the day. And significantly, I purchased a shielded tent that I installed in my home September 2018. The body regenerates at night and even with all my shielding gear I slept with, I am convinced the tent (which my analysis shows blocks almost all frequency under 6 GHZ and 90% above it) was essential to my body’s recovery.

Here are the two main forms of shielding I use: a lead vest (Xenolite) and a faraday tent (Holland)

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Xenolite Vest (I wear just the vest for the upper body, in black, and under my clothes)
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Holland Shielded Tent — which I sleep in

Prior to shielding, my muscles were constantly tensed with DEW. Imagine flexing your muscles 24–7, even when you sleep! That’s what was going on w/my body. My masseuse would point out my muscles were tense like a rock. I had no idea why. Could you imagine trying to lift anything after tensing your muscles for 8 hours straight? That’s what it felt like; like I had just finished a lifting competition. The result was whenever I used to go the gym, lifting had a deleterious impact on my body. I would become sick to my stomach. This is a common condition with chronic fatigue. Dr. Golomb’s study on microwave exposure shows its parallels to CFS in terms of the symptoms it causes. I analyzed Golomb’s study and shows how her analysis reveals that DEW may well cause Chronic Fatigue.

In addition to exhausted muscles, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) leads to dysregulated immune system; which leaves toxins throughout the body. These toxins cause the muscle tissue to be inflamed. CFS studies have found that when CFSers work out, they release more toxins and much ends up in the gut.

So working out makes you worse, not stronger. I know what soreness feels like when you lift; this was NOT it. Essentially, subtle DEW/CFS puts you in a situation where you cannot properly exercise without worsening your condition.

How I Felt After 6 Months of Shielding

For 4 years, every time I tried to work out, my overtense muscles and dysregulated immune system rebelled. It was impossible. Now that I’ve used wearable shielding since August 2018 and shielded areas when I sleep since Sept 2018 — essentially 6 months for each- my body has recovered enough so that I don’t get this instant sickness and ‘crashing’ sense when I have physical exertion.

The gym was always a second home to me. I am NOT one who makes excuses to avoid the gym. If I can go, I will. Like I said, even on business travel, I made time for the gym. But I also have to listen to my body- and studies confirmed what my body felt like when I tried to lift. But after the shielding, I sensed basic changes in my body. The constant “lactic acid” feeling in my arms and legs was slowly going away. I was able to lift a light dumbbell inside my home- and I made sure to do it inside the shielded tent to avoid being hit with DEW while exercising. Surprisingly, I was able to do it — and not make things worse or ‘crash’

Making My Way Back to the Gym

Today I went to my local gym. I went to the free weights section and did bicep curls and tricep extensions. I managed a short stint on the bike. I am still kind of amazed! There was a time where I thought my body was not going to recover. It was on a downward trend and nothing seemed to work. 4 years feels like an eternity to give something up that matters to you. The changes to my body weren’t psychological; it was physical. The shielding kept my muscles loose (as they’re supposed to be) when not exerting. The shielded tent let my body re-generate at night without being constantly attacked.

Over the years, every 6 months or so, friends and family would ‘reassure’ me I’d get better. This didn’t feel great since every 6 months, things would get worse. Somewhere along the way I gave up because the medical establishment had given up after years of trying everything they knew. A chance conversation made me think that of all the things- perpetrator DEW targeting was the cause of the muscle fatigue (and it turned out to cause the dysfunctional immune system, etc.)

This is proof positive to me- shielding does work. Whatever mental blocks one has for not shielding, one has to do away with it because there is a massive difference before and after. I am still a long way from a healthy body; I lifted very light weights. But I sense I am on the path to recovery. I may not get to 100%; since as mentioned the shielded area does allow 10% of DEW through. And during the day, I can only shield so much of my body. But even if I get halfway there, that would be further than I thought possible.

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