Block DEW Attacks: When they Attack Around your Lead Apron- Back, Neck, Shoulder

As you may know, I’m a fervent proponent of lead aprons for TI’s who suffer from DEW (here, and here). Perps prefer to hit you in the chest and stomach area because that’s where your organs are; they can cause more than physical damage. They can cause lasting gastrointestinal problems (GERD, SIBO, poor appetite, inability to digest food) & breathing/pulse issues (shortness of breath, rapid pulse) as well as other complications (immune system dysfunction) from damaging your organ functioning with targeted microwave frequency. Lead aprons are a critical first step for any TI who endures DEW.

If you’ve been a TI for any length of time, however, you know the perps adapt. They recognize their attacks are less effective and experiment elsewhere. When you get a lead apron, you will notice a major improvement for weeks and months. However, there is a good chance perps will move on to your uncovered areas.

Thighs: this is the first place they went in my case. While you could wear the lead skirt that Xenolite offers, as I have written, this is somewhat cumbersome. My preference is to use my lead dental vest and fold it across my thighs as I, for example, sit to eat or use the computer.

Flow Dental Vest — fold and put on thighs

The thighs are a sitting duck- they are large surface area, usually uncovered (ie: by a chair or desk, unlike your calves), relatively flat and easy to target. I’ve found using the vest laid over my thighs works well.

Head: I believe no TI should go without head shielding. I recommend Shield Headwear’s hat.

This brings me to the main part of my write-up: the shoulder, neck, and back. I believe perps target these areas because that’s part of your upper body where the lead apron can be inadequate. The neck remains exposed (as the apron sits below it), much of the shoulders are exposed (except the top), and the back either has no shielding or less (depending on which apron you buy). It also can be psychologically irritating to a TI to be attacked just an inch away from shielding. So let me go through these.

Shoulder: My primary solution is the shoulder sleeves from InFab.

Infab Lead-alt sleeves

They are lead-alternative shoulder sleeves with the same protection against EMF of lead; InFab’s material is light enough you could wear them throughout the day. You can read my whole journey in shoulder shielding here. Now, you may read that writeup- and notice in it- I say even the InFab’s are a bit too heavy (so I opted for rubber instead). The rubber sleeves are fine if you’re being hit with Mild or Subtle DEW which wears you away over time but inadequate against sharp DEW which this clearly was. At 0.3 lbs, Infab’s are a lot lighter than other lead sleeves which weigh 6x more. Also after shielding for a few months, my body has gotten a bit stronger and I no longer feel the same fatigue from wearing these shoulder guards.

With Infab sleeves, I recommend buying some crazy glue and industrial-strength velcro, say from Amazon. Then apply the velcro to both the sleeve and your lead vest. They should attach (and detach) just fine. In my case, these InFab shoulder sleeves stopped their shoulder targeting flat. I find when I solve the DEW problem, they often move on — so sometimes you may not have to wear these 24–7–365.

InFab’s sleeves are not inexpensive ($140/sleeve), so if you find a cheaper alternative, please let me know. Part of the reason for my recommendations is to show what can work; not necessarily prescribe the exact brand you must buy- if this begins your search for similar products and you find something more affordable or better, I’m all ears.

Neck: So far my neck targeting has been minimal. But I have used in the past and am ordering a new InFab thyroid sleeve. If you purchase this, you may not need the InFab shoulder sleeves because they protect both neck and shoulders.

Back: The perps seem to want to do the most damage to my back. Specifically my right shoulder blade. They have attacked my shoulder as well (but I was quick to block with the Infab shoulder sleeves), so they have continued on the shoulder blade — perhaps continuing with their ultimate goal of making my primary arm non-functional.

For starters, the EMF shielding on the back of lead aprons is less than the front, or in other cases, none at all. If you purchased frontal-only lead aprons (which I actually recommend much of the time when targeting is ‘average’ since they are the most lightweight and easy to wear to work, out of the home, etc.), there is no back shielding.

If you purchased full-coverage shielding like Xenolite’s primary Vest offering, you do have back coverage. However, let’s compare. If you ordered the 0.35mm vest (as most TI’s do because the 0.5 mm is quite heavy), you actually get 0.7 mm across much your front, because the vest overlaps and provides double coverage in the front [in this case “0.35mm” refers to the thickness of the lead rubber used in these vests; 0.35 of a millimeter]. The overlap and 0.7mm lead rubber is is great for organ defense. Unfortunately, the back is only 0.25mm and there is NO overlap. I have found this insufficient against these sharp DEW attacks.

So let me share a few things I tried but didn’t work. I tried turning the full-coverage vest backwards so the 0.7mm could be used to block the back attacks. This did not work because the overlap was only in the center of the body; the shoulder blade is on the side and is beyond the overlap section. Going from 0.25mm lead to 0.35mm didn’t make much difference. I tried draping shielding over it- like my should sleeve unwrapped. This does not work because I think the shielding has to be snug to the body or otherwise they find some way to shoot around it.

What does work is taking a dental vest (such as the one I referenced above), and draping it over myself backwards- so the shielding is primarily on the black. The vest velcros in front so it stays in place. Because it is heavy enough it fits snug to the body and fully protects my shoulder blade. I wear this over the full-coverage Xenolite vest I am already wearing. It adds 0.3 mm protection which brings the back shielding to a total 0.55mm which seems to block most of the attack.

So they were trying to disable my shoulder- but I blocked all access to it. And I’m still able to go about my day and be productive. Obviously, when I’m out I can only manage 0.25 mm on my shoulder blade (with the Xenolite vest) but when I’m home, I’m fully protected.

You may ask “Why do I have to go through all this trouble?”. I don’t know the answer and I don’t think there’s a point in asking, honestly. Thinking about it will add agony without any solution, and won’t relieve the pain you’re enduring. Long term we must address the problem by building awareness in a credible, mainstream away and through legislation; short-term we have to defend ourselves, first and foremost.

I really do believe TI’s with DEW need to assemble a wardrobe of multiple options because the targeting keeps changing. Never throw something out because you may need it later. Keep testing, experimenting, and improvising. With all their space age weaponry, it’s a good feeling that they are still hampered by modest resources and some basic resourcefulness. Attacking at afar confers many advantages to them (most of all, plausible deniability); but comes inherent with limitations (ie: power density of EMF shot at a distance) which can be combatted with the right shielding. And the attitude of defeating whichever attack they throw your way.

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