Deconstructing the EMF Neutralization Attack

Electromagnetic Frequency can be used in a variety of ways to attack a human body- it can cause pain, it can manipulate emotions; images and sound can even be transmitted. It does all this invisibly allowing the attack/manipulation to take place with minimal likelihood of detection. It serves as the ideal control mechanism for a nation state over its people or the financial power that sits behind it and pulls its strings.

Of course to the powers in our world, this is not novel at all. In 1953, more than 65 years ago, the Soviet Union used EMF against US diplomats in Moscow. This became known as the “Moscow Signal”. The signal was between 2 and 4 Ghz, and apparently operated around 50 milliwatts/square meter (mW/M2). As a point of comparison, the safe level of RF frequency for a home is 0.3 mW/m2. This is 150x that level (click here to see baseline levels & why the US govt standard for acceptable RF levels is absurd; see “Baseline Levels”).

The US diplomats hit with the Moscow Signal attack had the following symptoms: fatigue, concentration problems, lack of memory, depression, blood/chromosone abnormalities. It rendered the victims weak and inactive. Rather than informing its own diplomats, the US allowed it to continue for two decades and decided to study its use instead — keeping the entire phenomenon private even from its own personnel who were in harm’s way.

The DARPA-led Project Pandora studied the use of EMF as a weapon. In a test replicating the EMF characteristics of the Moscow Signal, they found they altered the central nervous system of monkeys. (DARPA is the research wing of the US military)

In December 1966, [Project Pandora researcher] Cesaro reported that the first monkey involved in the tests had demonstrated “two repetitive, complete slowdowns and stoppages” as a result of exposure to the Moscow Signal. “There is no question that penetration of the central nervous system has been achieved, either directly or indirectly into that portion of the brain concerned with the changes in the work functions and the effects observed

Clearly the “Moscow Signal” attack has the ability to neutralize the target — reducing its activity and in some cases, stopping it completely. I will refer to this kind of attack as the Neutralization Attack or “Moscow Signal” attack.

Let’s talk about the Neutralization Attack as it Affects TI’s

To TI’s, all this may sound familiar. That’s because this technology is now in the hands of perpetrators who have seemingly found a way to deploy the “Moscow Signal” on human victims at a distance. TI’s find themselves exhausted without obvious cause; the symptoms of memory and concentration issues may sound familiar as well.

To-date on this Medium blog, I have focused on the EMF attack we call “DEW” which typically refers to the body being targeted with frequency that causes pain or body part tightness, soreness, and fatigue. In my research, I’ve found this frequency is likely millimeter wave- and often upwards of 18 GHz. The “Moscow Signal” attack appears to be lower frequency; as mentioned in the 2–4 GHz range. I will attempt to deconstruct the Neutralization attack; how it works and how TI’s can defend themselves from it. Bear in mind when I say “defend” I don’t necessarily mean eliminate completely- but at least minimize its effects.

Insight #1 — Neutralization may be an Attack on the Central Nervous System

As a TI when you’re hit, it’s hard to know the nature of the attack. If you’re shot, they can investigate the bullet and determine what direction it came from, possibly identify the kind of firearm used. With security cameras, you might even spot the shooter. With EMF, you’re going off very little except how you feel. When I was hit with Neutralization, all I knew is I felt terrible. I assumed this was a full body attack, spraying me everywhere with EMF which is why I felt fatigued and sore everywhere. My response was to shield every part of my body. While I believe they do in fact target the body for subtle DEW (that causes muscles to tighten and fatigue), it appears this Neutralization attack may use a different path altogether.

First, the way you distinguish Neutralization EMF versus Subtle DEW is that while both make you fatigued, the former is more mentally draining as well. You feel depressed, inactive, unwilling to do anything except distract yourself (ie: watch TV, surf the web). It makes it seemingly impossible to work. Neutralization is distinct in that it lead to “slowdown” or “stoppage” just as it did to targets in DARPA’s laboratory tests. Subtle DEW appears to be EMF attacks on the body’s muscles; not sharp enough to notice but exhaust the muscles over time. For example I had Subtle DEW on my thighs to the point I could not walk up hill. The physical dimension is more pronounced; the mental fatigue is there, but not as extreme as in Neutralization.

So, coming to Neutralization, it’s important to understand the details of the “Moscow Signal”, the most prominent public example we have of a technology known to be studied to cause neutralization in the target. What caught my attention was reference to the tampering of the central nervous system. Paul Brodeu, Author of “The Zapping of America” (published in 1977), confirms “that there have been multiple animal experiments which resulted in changes in brain chemistry and the central nervous system”. In the book, Brodeur writes:

“Over the next few years, however, it became
apparent that the Russians had based their standard primarily on the
effects of low-level microwave radiation on the central nervous system, which they had observed in the course of many large-scale,
long-term clinical investigations of workers exposed to microwaves
and also from experimental animal studies. Indeed, it turned out that
the Russians had recognized unusual effects of radio-frequency energy on the human central nervous system as early as 1933 and had
been studying the problem ever since.”

He also describes American research confirming the same thing:

At a conference on the biologic effects of nonionizing radiation held by
the New York Academy of Sciences in February 1974, data confirming the hypothesis that low-level microwave radiation could affect
the central nervous system and behavior
were presented by Dr. W.
Ross Adey and other researchers from the University of California’s
Brain Research Institute.

This got me thinking. The central nervous system (CNS) is located in brain and spine. The brain is the hub. Could it be that the TI neutralization fatigue is driven by altering the CNS?

Insight #2 — How Central Nervous System Fatigue works

I had never heard of CNS Fatigue before but apparently it’s a documented phenomenon- studied most often in long-distance runners, who apparently suffer from it after lengthy exertion.

In the Wikipedia write-up, CNS is shown to have an effect on three key neurotransmitters in the brain: serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine. In short, CNS fatigue owes to variation in amounts of these neurotransmitters. Serotonin and noradenaline go up; dopamine goes down. Here are some summarized notes of their effect:

  • Noradrenaline: Manipulation of norepinephrine suggests it may actually play a role in creating a “feeling of fatigue”.
  • Serotonin: During prolonged exercise (which is the trigger that is studied regularly with regard to CNS fatigue) where central nervous system fatigue is present, serotonin levels in the brain are higher than normal physiological conditions; these higher levels can increase perceptions of effort and peripheral muscle fatigue.
  • Dopamine: Dopamine levels have been found to be lower after prolonged exercise. A decrease in dopamine can decrease athletic performance as well as mental motivation.

If you see the bolded sections, you may see the connection with the symptoms TI’s feel when hit with the neutralization attack. Several TI’s have been told, you look like you’re in good physical shape, why the fatigue? Doctors don’t think to check for central nervous system fatigue or measure these neurotransmitters. The science shows even the perception of fatigue can change when the muscles are otherwise healthy.

Insight #3 — Putting it together

It appears the head is the target for the central nervous system attack that explains a TI’s symptoms when hit with a Neutralization attack. To prevent the CNS attack, we must shield the head where these neurotransmitters are produced.

As background- in my general-purpose, overall TI head shielding (written months ago), I recommended Shieldwear ballcap and a lead-covered helmet. Neither are ideal in this case. The ballcap cannot block DEW attacks with significant power density (it’s more useful for blocking syntel & subtle emotional influence). The helmet is not practical for wearing for long periods- it is unwieldy and will hurt your neck.

My shielding recommendation for Neutralization — I have tried it for three weeks now with good results. (I wanted to test it for a long enough duration because I know from experience perps adjust the attack to try to penetrate the shielding.) I have found this head shielding reduces the effects of the Neutralization attack. (Note: I said “reduces” not eliminates.)

This solution is a medical professional’s lead cap.

Amazon has a wide selection of these leaded caps(although many of them seem the same design). They are around ~$45. There are others like it on Amazon (they may all be from the same manufacturer though).

The hat has 0.5 mm pb equivalent (disregard the pb listed on the URL- that is a typo). This refers to the thickness of the embedded lead rubber. You may recall my vest recommendations for body shielding against DEW had 0.35 mm pb — and that blocks intense DEW attacks effectively. And this is higher shielding than the lead vests. At the risk of restating, lead rubber is a TI’s best friend; it blocks much of the EMF spectrum solidly, is soft and wearable, and being rubber, it does not conduct the electricity into the body as much as pure metal does.

(Update 1/6/20 — I just found that eBay sells similar caps for as low as $17. These caps may have less thick lead rubber — 0.35 mm instead of 0.5mm — but that thickness is equivalent to the lead vests I recommend and may be sufficient for EMF attacks.)

This cap does not feel heavy. I forget that I’m wearing it sometimes (which has led to some near embarrassing situations with me walking out of the home with it on!). It fits comfortably (one-size fits all with a velcro strap) and covers all the relevant portions of the head. Because it was made for medical use, we can expect the manufacturer went through lengths as far as ensuring it would work in mission-critical settings (prevent exposure of doctors to cancer-causing x-rays).

After wearing the surgeon’s cap, I felt a reduction in Neutralization. Less groggy. Less out-of-it. Less in that daze where you feel you cannot do anything and just want to distract yourself by surfing the Web or watch videos. Less depressed. All those symptoms listed above that happen when the neurotransmitters release too much or too little when there is a Central Nervous System attack.

This lead hat also prevents EMF headaches. I know a lot of TI’s get those. The Shield Headwear cap isn’t strong enough to prevent those. If you’re in the safety of your own home and don’t mind how you look, wear this lead hat, and it will stop or significantly reduce the headaches.

Some caveats: this defense is not 100% against neutralization. There were times when I did feel many of the Neutralization symptoms despite wearing the cap- the good news is this happened much less often than without it. I should also mention — If I went long periods without the cap, I would be hit (I can feel the pressure on my head) and symptoms would persist for a while even after I began wearing the cap again (I recommend wearing the Shieldwear ballcap in public settings when you cannot wear the surgeon’s cap).

I will continue to test other variations of this head shielding (different manufacturers, materials) to keep testing and improving. If you have any learnings when using this head shielding, let me know!


  • Extra Notes: When hit with Neutralization, remember to breathe. Breathing irregularity is common and your breath will likely slow and be shallow. Remembering to take deep breaths can help with recovery. Mind over matter: when you’re hit with Neutralization, force yourself to “keep moving” — by that I mean doing tasks -ideally start with easy tasks that you enjoy doing. This creates momentum even though you are being tampered with. Last, I do believe that Neutralization is more than just the CNS attack. They also drench the body in EMF to weaken it directly (versus indirectly through the head). For that, see my overall TI shielding guide.

I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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