EMF Digestive Attacks — experienced by Targeted Individuals

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As many TI’s have discussed, they are often deterred from leaving their residence. This is for several reasons: 1) It is easier to use EMF weapons on a target who is stationary (see the Cuba Diplomat incident where targets found relief, if temporary, from a microwave-hearing attack when they were mobile), and 2) Perpetrators seek to isolate the TI and keep him from socializing and professional advancement. It’s difficult to live a full life when you can’t leave your home; you can’t easily meet groups of friends, you can’t easily meet doctors, you can’t work most jobs.

Specific Kind of Away-From-Home TI Attack: Digestive Attack

This was my life for about three years. I would avoid most social contact. I would elect for teleconference calls versus meetings. I would do as much of my work as I could remotely; and communicate by email and skype. I avoided conferences, Meet Ups, large social gatherings. I would even use Caviar/GrubHub rather than going out to eat.

Over this period of time, in addition to facing “subtle DEW” — the weakening of the body through microwave radiation (gauged by the fact that my symptom profile, including elevated immune system markers, inflammation etc. align closely with the MW/RF symptoms identified in Golomb’s study) — I believe that I was explicitly targeted with digestive attacks when I left my residence.

Stopping the Attack with Wearable Lead Shielding

  • I didn’t feel this vague discomfort in my midsection
  • I didn’t feel this artificial bloating feeling (that would suddenly arrive when I left my place)

What could a lead vest be doing exactly except be blocking external sources of undesirable frequency? The change was so obvious I mentioned it to a fellow TI that I speak with regularly. It was like night and day. As I wore the Xenolite elastic tab apron (underneath my shirt) everyday for the next three months, I conveniently forgot what it was like without it. I have now gone out a few times without it — and IMMEDIATELY paid the price. The belching, loss of appetite, queasiness came back.

I know the useful idiot “psychologists”, the practitioners of ‘soft science’ who seem to have less knowledge of physics than a high schooler who completed AP Physics, will immediately claim this is “all in one’s head”. But then again, recall that these types do not know what a radiofrequency meter is, they don’t know what EMF abnormalities are….in other words, they are ignorant of the actual science involved and their ignorance, ironically, gives them a false confidence that such phenomena doesn’t exist. They then proceed with their phony diagnosis which is based on utter subjectivity and collect the paycheck.

In Summary

If you, as a TI, suffer similar symptoms, I recommend you invest in a vest like this. It costs ~$120 from Xenolite, although there are other providers. (If you’re interested in the details: Elastic Tab Apron, custom ordered to end at my waistline, 0.35 mm lead). If you noticed increased targeting when you leave home, such as DEW attacks, please consider my other shielding guides.

For me, I am getting a big part of my life back. It’s not perfect but it’s a lot better. I cannot control the ‘why’ of my targeting or switch it off, but I can regain normalcy in my life by making constant improvements such as using wearable shielding when I’m out and about.

If you experience targeting when you leave home, please comment below and share what you are going through.

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I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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