“Folding” to create Greater Protection against Location-Specific EMF Attacks & Assaults

Lead rubber is soft; it bends. That means you can fold it over to multiply the thickness in a particular area, thus increasing the radiation protection and your ability to block an EMF attack. (if you are unfamiliar with TI usage of lead rubber to block DEW attacks, read this)

Why does this matter? At times perps will attack you in a specific spot. Let’s say you have a lead dental apron that is 0.3mm pb (0.3 millimeters thick of lead rubber). And they are hitting you in your heart area. Fold the lead vest in half and now you have 0.6 mm pb protecting the heart area. You can fold it yet again and you will have 1.2 mm pb blocking the EMF weapon attack. This is very significant defense. I think you will find not much gets through it.

“Folding” becomes extremely useful when the area of your body they target is narrow and static (meaning it doesn’t move around a lot). Sometimes perps move their attack, but sometimes they don’t — depending on the kind of attack.

A Classic Case of using Folding of your Shielding Material to Defend Better

The classic example is when perps use EMF to carry out a sexual attack. This happens in the genital area or backside. This kind of attack, pretty much by definition, is going to be a specific part of the body. The attack area will not move much. So therefore it is perfect situation where “folding” your lead rubber EMF shielding will help.

Too many TI’s give up. A TI I spoke with, she used the lead skirt (below the waist shielding) but complained she was still sexually assaulted through it. When I asked if she had folded the skirt so she could double or quadruple up the amount of shielding in the relevant area, she said no. Part of the EMF sexual assault is to couple it with V2K or syntel that communicates to the victim that they are powerless to stop it. Sadly, many TI’s are persuaded by this and offer no further defense.

Two nights ago, to disrupt my sleep, they tried this assault. Sure enough their attack went through my Faraday tent and through my lightweight lead shorts (sorry I call it “shorts” for a guy; I may call it a kilt at some point too!). The shorts have a thickness of 0.25 mm pb. And sure enough the syntel claims it cannot be stopped. But is that true? I put a lead dental apron on top of the lead shorts; the apron is 0.3 mm pb in thickness. It didn’t stop it. But when I folded the lead apron, I had total protection in that area of 0.85 mm. The attack subsided.

And I could go to sleep.

If they persisted with the attack, I would have folded it again and then had 1.45 mm pb protection (0.3 mm X 4) + 0.25 mm(lead shorts).

I prefer having wearable shielding for overall protection (like the lead vest and the lead shorts/skirt/kilt) and a lead dental apron as a versatile add-on that can be folded for location-specific targeting. Granted, it does not need to be a dental apron, it can be any flat lead rubber- whether it be a lead blanket or a pregnancy panel, as examples. The dental apron I use is this one. note: I’m sure there are better ones (this one is fairly heavy and somewhat expensive); it works and is non-slip (so it stays in place) so I haven’t bothered replacing it.

In Closing

Try the Folding method sometime. And remember, the mentality that wins with TI shielding is one that is flexible and perseverant — meaning you are not discouraged by perp adaptations to penetrate your shielding. Initially you will have success with shielding; then they will increase the power density to get the microwave frequency through that shielding. It may take them a few minute or a few days, but they may succeed in penetrating it. That’s fine, you just adapt further and stay a step ahead of them. There is NO silver bullet in shielding. This is ongoing conflict between two parties and requires constant adjustments to be successful.

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