Have you actually read my Medium posts?

You are being targeted with EMF — in the microwave range frequency (0.3 to 300 GHz). See my measurement posts where I discern the frequency through the Narda NBM 550- a $35K industrial strength measuring device. And find power densities at ~400 mW/m2. This is what you face, as do I and many others.

Now, to your sleep deprivation. It’s a standard technique. Three solutions:

First, get a leaded cap (https://medium.com/@Jay_Coins/head-shielding-defense-against-subliminal-v2k-mental-manipulation-3d476988c692). Wear it when you sleep.

Second, get a lead vest. https://medium.com/@Jay_Coins/2a-body-wear-shielding-your-body-ca9e19320f26 . Wear it 2 hours before you start to sleep and while you sleep.

Third, if you can afford it, buy a faraday tent https://medium.com/@Jay_Coins/safe-haven-shielded-areas-and-how-they-can-make-a-targeted-individuals-life-more-livable-809b657a9534 .

But the first two should be sufficient to help you sleep. Don’t go unshielded against these frequency attacks. I’ve made it simple for you by doing the research over years, testing many products and found the ones that work. They are not expensive. The leaded cap is as low as $17 ($40 for 0.5 mm pb). The 0.175 mm lead vest is $120. Get them. Don’t delay. The biggest MISTAKE TI’s make is staying in a mode of indecision, considering different options and never deciding. Gradually the EMF wears away at them to the point they have no funds at all for shielding and they are destitute. Act soon.

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I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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