Head Shielding (defense against subtle attacks, mental manipulation)

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Perpetrators of targeted harassment want to drive you crazy. Naturally they focus on applying EMF weapons to your brain.

One key attack is the Microwave Auditory Attack — in which you’re made to perceive sounds. They do this through transmissions likely using microwave frequency- usually 1310MHz to 2982 MHz (although “Auditory response to transmitted frequencies from [as low as] 200 MHz to at least 3 GHz has been reported”). This is the range that Allan Frey in the 1960’s identified for microwave hearing. The way this works in simplified form: microwave frequency hits your face/head, it is absorbed by tissue in your head, which builds up acoustic pressure that travels and is processed by your inner ear as “sound”.

Of course it doesn’t stop there: EMF headaches, mental fog, neutralization, thought insertion, mood manipulation, projected images all result from projecting frequency at the brain.

So to block this technology, whether it’s voices or noises (like siren sounds), you want to cover your head with something that blocks that frequency. It makes sense to start shielding your head to protect your sanity and peace of mind.

The headwear I show below will not entirely block microwave auditory attacks; it will dampen it some.

I make 3 recommendations for Head Shielding below:

  • Shielded ballcap: for light attacks, can wear outside the home
  • Shielded hat: strong protection against EMF headaches, neutralization
  • Shielded helmet: for defense against the strongest EMF knockout type attacks

(note: none of these links are affiliate links, nor do I get compensated for any of these recommendations)

1a — Shieldwear Headwear (shielded ballcap & beanie)

The company is called SHIELD; they did a kickstarter originally to create signal proof clothing. I wear both their ballcap and beanie.

Shieldwear ballcap

Link to the Shieldwear Ballcap

Shieldwear beanie

Link to the Shieldwear Beanie

OK, so how does this work? For the ballcap, Shield has a layer of silver between the fabric. It describes its shielding range as: 10 MHz-3GHz (you may note this covers the range of microwave hearing frequencies). I was skeptical this would work because the cap looks like an ordinary ballcap; I was concerned the thickness of the metal would be insufficient.

In addition to blocking some EMF headaches (low power density attacks) and remote emotional manipulation, it also blocked synthetic telepathy (syntel) for me at least. This is not V2K (this will not block that). Syntel is when words are transmitted to you subliminally and you perceive them a second or two after. Typically before hit with Syntel, I feel pressure on my head. When I felt that head pressure, I would wear the hat; and the pressure would go away (the Syntel communication would not follow).

Now I wear the hat everywhere, when “out and about” and at home. Its stylish and I’ve already gotten a few compliments on it (which wouldn’t happen with a tin-foil hat even if it provides shielding :) ). It also reduces the mind fog and memory loss you get from frequency barrage. And reduces the degree to which you sometimes feel like you’re in a daze. I no longer have projected images either.

Having said this, it does not block microwave noise attacks or V2K voices. In my experience, it seems to blunt some of the microwave auditory attack sounds, but does not stop them.

The beanie is similar (I believe silver is stitched into the fabric unlike the layered approach to the ballcap). I use the beanie when I’m laying down or sleeping. The beanie seems to work similarly to the ballcap (although I have more confidence in the cap). I prefer the beanie less because from experience I’ve found that wearable TI shielding works best when the shielding material (silver, in this case), does not touch the skin. It ideally should be separated from the body with non-conducting material like the Shield ballcap is.

Issues with Shield: the biggest disadvantage is Shield ships from Europe and takes a while to come to the US. Each costs ~$50. You also need heavier headwear (see below) for stronger attacks.

Other things I tried for headwear (that didn’t work as well): (1) Wire mesh over temples of head (which Allan Frey claimed stopped microwave hearing) — does not work (I assume the technology used in 2010’s has advanced quite a bit since Frey’s work in the ‘60’s). (2) Aluminum foil under ballcap- seems to blunt some of the attacks, but not comprehensive- also ideally the shielding metal would not touch your head. (3) Non-shielding headwear (ie: plain ballcap) — does not work . (4) sheet lead- works but you have to manually position it, which is not sustainable.

Overall I recommend Shieldwear. It works (for me, at least). At $50, it is not an unreasonable cost. Everyone who sells this stuff will claim it is to block radiation from wifi, cell phones, etc. because otherwise they will risk ridicule from the usual “science deniers” whose ignorance of physics is used to deny the TI phenomenon. But rest assured the product seems to works just fine for TI’s as well.

1b — Lead Hat/Cap

One of my favorite and most advantageous pieces of shielding!

Stops or significantly reduces EMF headaches. Reduces EMF neutralization (fatigue, listlessness, lack of concentration). Low-cost, great option for TI’s. Amazon sells this lead hat for $44 here. There are a few vendors on Amazon selling basically the same thing. It provides protection of 0.5 mm pb (read: millimeter thickness of lead rubber) — which compares favorably to the 0.35 mm pb I wear for my body with the Xenolite lead vest. In other words, the shielding it provides against directed energy is significant.

I now wear this lead hat daily to block EMF headaches and neutralization and it helps considerably. It also prevents basic sleep attacks (for more severe ones, see lead helmet below).

The only downside is not being able to wear it to work and outside my home. Hopefully at some point, someone will turn this basic concept into flat cap/newsboy cap so it could be!

The lead cap also interferes with the perps’ attempt to control your body movements. The frontal lobe and cerebellum in the brain control the motor function of the muscles in your body. Perps’ appear to target these regions to move your body artificially. I’ve found that the lead cap is a great way to reduce their ability to remote-control me.

Read more here:


1c — Bike Helmet with Sheet Lead

There are times when your targeting will be ratcheted up and the other head shielding will be insufficient. Sometimes the attack comes in the form of “knock-out” attack — where you lose consciousness and either fall asleep or remain in a groggy daze. From my own diary where I detail attacks, here is an incident of when I was hit with such an attack: “Towards end of day, felt pressure on head and zaps; eyes became very blurry — hard to see TV (eyes became red).” At this time, I felt like I would fall asleep even though it was not close to bedtime and I was not feeling sleepy beforehand. In these cases, I use a bike helmet and have taped sheet lead on top of it.

I get the lead from Amazon. This is the brand I use.

It is 1/32" thick, soft (you can bend it, and cut it with scissors). It offers more protection than the Shieldwear cap. I wear it when I get serious pressure on my head, blurry eyes from a DEW attack. The helmet was some generic helmet I found at Target. A relatively flat bike helmet is better than a round/curved one as you can curve the lead easier on it and it is more likely to stay in place with tape.

I should mention that while the helmet does help, when the knockout attack comes, I have had times when it can go through the helmet. But perfection is not the goal; and perfection is the enemy of good. It’s a good defensive tool to have when you need it.

A beauty, isn’t it?? :)

You can see it in the pic above. It’s a basic bike helmet (Bell) I got at Target. We’re looking at the front. You are seeing the sheet lead bent and taped to the helmet. It’s not the nicest looking but I wear it when I’m at home, so there’s no one else to see. The sheet lead bends well enough, you only need 3 pieces: one for each side and then a separate section covering the front.

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