How Ambien can SOLVE the Fatigue from EMF Neutralization that TI’s suffer

Of all the things I supposed would solve the TI fatigued/”out of it” feeling, Ambien would be at the back of my list. And yet from experience I’ve found it can do what nothing else can….

What Condition are We Talking About? Neutralization

One goal of perpetrators is to neutralize the Targeted Individual subject. This is to disrupt their functioning — to impair their mental and physical well-being so the target becomes effectively idle.

This is accomplished through EMF disruption of the TI’s central nervous system (CNS). When successful, the TI will develop the following symptoms:

  • Physical Fatigue
  • Depression — lack of desire to do anything, negative sometimes suicidal thoughts, lack of hope
  • Poor mental concentration, memory

With EMF neutralization, perps can “stop” a TI almost completely. The TI is effectively sidelined.

Here is the history of what we know about EMF neutralization: In 1996, the military research department DARPA tested EMF neutralization successfully on monkeys and found “two repetitive, complete slowdowns and stoppages” as a result of exposure to the Neutralization Signal.

The researcher said about the study:

In other words, with their CNS disrupted, the monkeys became idle. Just like you and I when hit with what is likely a similar frequency. Remember, your CNS regulates your breathing, as well as how you think and feel. Is it any surprise that when it’s disrupted, breathing problems set in, you get mind fog, and feel down/unmotivated?

I’ve got a whole writeup on how this works in this article I wrote “Deconstructing the EMF Neutralization Attack”. Feel free to dive into the details or read ahead on how to solve it with Ambien.

So, how do you stop EMF Neutralization and get back to normal? Using The Ambien Wonder-Drug

As a TI shielding expert (see my other posts), I do a ton to protect myself. I stay inside a Faraday EMF tent much of the time. I have a lead shielded room. I wear shielding headwear and a lightweight lead vest all hours of the day. And while that blocks many kinds of attacks (ie: harsh DEW to the body, certain kinds of syntel, etc.), I still get EMF neutralization.

I become listless, unable to focus and having no motivation to do anything — not just work but I don’t even want to meet with friends. A dark feeling overtakes me. Days go by without me doing much of anything but the absolute minimum necessary.

By accident, I discovered the most powerful way to subdue the effects of EMF neutralization. For years, I have needed Ambien (Zolpidem) to sleep. One time I decided instead of taking it right before sleep, I’d try it 3 hours beforehand to let it set in. This would be around 7 PM.

I noticed after about 15 minutes that the physical fatigue of EMF neutralization subsided. The incomplete breathing during neutralization changed to normal breathing. And that feeling of heavy darkness was replaced with lightness and positivity.

Normally I’d fall asleep soon after taking Ambien so its relief of neutralization was not noticed. But given I was awake when its effects set in, it was clear as day. Ambien gave me a “floaty energy” that defied whatever Neutralization was doing to my central nervous system to make me feel tired.

It was like Ambien put me in a relaxed state where my CNS could function just as it used to. I can actually concentrate again! I then used my “Ambien time” to do much of the work I needed to for my consulting engagements as well as all the logistical things I needed to do for my health, chores, etc. Nothing I’ve taken has this degree of success in combatting TI Neutralization.

Details on Acquiring Ambien and Dosage

To get Ambien prescribed, see a Sleep Doctor and tell him/her that you have good sleep habits and do not need to be tested for sleep apnea (otherwise they will put you in this long program to correct your habits or all kinds of tests for sleep apnea which are involved, costly and takes weeks).

You might tell them you tried Ambien before and it worked well for sleep (this is proof that it works for you). Worse comes to worse, you could buy Zolpidem from a Canadian pharmacy with a prescription from a doctor

Reduced dose Ambien will help for neutralization symptoms for about 2–3 hours at a time. I recommend taking 1/4 or 1/3rd of a pill (at a dosage of 10 mg). I take it 2x during the day- once at 1 PM, and again at around 4 or 5 PM. In my case if I take it too early in the morning, I go back to sleep :)

Why Does Ambien Work to Reduce Effects of Neutralization?

As a TI of 20+ years and having used Ambien to reduce neutralization for the last year (after testing many things), I can say it does work and you should try it for yourself. It could be a game-changer for you as it was for me.

In terms of why as far as the science, I will preface by saying I am not a doctor or scientist. I have also come across so much pseudo-science on the Internet where non-doctors attempt to totally confidently justify medical explanations while just throwing medical jargon around. So I’ll be humble and say I’m not certain although I can offer a theory. My theory is that Ambien promotes neurotransmitter balance, needed as a result of Central Nervous System fatigue caused by EMF attacks.

If you read my writeup “Deconstructing the EMF Neutralization Attack”, I discuss how medical professionals have studied CNS fatigue (ie: from long-distance running). These findings are relevant to us as TI’s even if our CNS disruption came from a different source — EMF.

The following three neurotransmitters are effected by CNS fatigue and therefore likely similarly effected by EMF-caused CNS disruption (TI neutralization).

  • Noradrenaline: Manipulation of norepinephrine suggests it may actually play a role in creating a “feeling of fatigue”.
  • Serotonin: Where central nervous system fatigue is present, serotonin levels in the brain are higher than normal physiological conditions; these higher levels can increase perceptions of effort and peripheral muscle fatigue.
  • Dopamine: Dopamine levels have been found to be lower as a result of CNS fatigue. A decrease in dopamine can decrease physical activity as well as mental motivation. GABA increases dopamine, presumably reducing this fatigue and inactivity.

As you can see, the symptoms resulting from underproduction / overproduction of these neurotransmitters explains much of the TI symptoms of neutralization (fatigue, low motivation).

Ambien slows down the CNS and perhaps this restores its function after the EMF has disrupted it and caused chaos.

The chief neurotransmitter stimulated by Ambien is GABA. GABA (Gamma-AminoButyric Acid) is “an inhibitory neurotransmitter that decreases activity in your nervous system.” It has a “calming effect” on the brain. (source: Healthline). It’s possible that calming the CNS is the antidote for a brain irritated by EMF. At a slower pace, the nervous system seems to be in harmony and can function properly.

It possible that there is restoration to the proper neurotransmitter levels- thereby avoiding the side-effects of perceived fatigue and lower levels of motivation. The concept of “neurotransmitter balance” is one that is discussed publicly (ie: here and here)

If I were needing to be in peak physical shape, to drive my car a long distance, or to take an IQ test, I would not take Ambien. On it, I realize I am a step slow and that I feel like I’m 1 alcohol drink in — that kind of relaxed. Not feeling “drunk” by any means. That mode is perfectly sufficient to do my chores, do my consulting work, and all else. I have a surge of energy. There is also an undeniable positive feeling that replaces the hopelessness and the depressing cloud over my head.

In short, I’m not certain how it Ambien works with neutralization. But I know it does work, for me at least and since most TI’s seem to have this neutralization in common, trying it may make a big difference. Neutralization stands in the way of work, having a normal life, taking productive steps forward to defend your self and your home , and even TI activism. There have been few solutions for it to-date. I’m grateful to have stumbled on Ambien (zolpidem) and am amazed that it works consistently!

In Closing

EMF neutralization, at times, could turn me into a kind of vegetable. Spending all days mindlessly surfing the web or watching TV — as a way to distract myself from the mental and physical unwellness- but unequipped to do anything more. Worse, a strong feeling of worthlessness and depression. How many days were lost to it?

With Ambien, I’m able to have something like 6 productive hours in the day, thanks to it’s neutralization-combatting powers. Certainly an “off-label” use, but Big Pharma & your doctor don’t need to know that :)

I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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