My Gear: As a Targeted Individual, here is the Shielding I wear

This article is for targeted individuals. If you are not one, but would like to know more about the phenomenon of private networks and governments using advanced technology to remotely harass, you’ll find plenty of material online.

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#0- What I’m Shielding With Today — quick rundown of the shielding I wear. (the other sections #1–4 go into greater detail on each type of wearable shielding)

#1- Head Shielding

1a- Shield Headwear — lightweight ballcap and beanie (blocks syntel, and remote emotional manipulation)

1b- Lead Hat — lead rubber hat that doctors sometime wear. (Blocks EMF headaches and stronger protection against neutralization, feeling of fatigue and mental fog)

1c- Helmet -for heavier DEW attacks to the head (blocks knockout/sleep attacks)

#2- Wearable Shielding (defense against DEW)

2a- Body shielding (Most popular section and probably most useful; covers lead vests/aprons)

2b- Eye shielding

#3- Sleep Easy (defense against sleep disruption; building a small head tent to block frequencies and help sleep at night)

#4- Final Thoughts on Shielding

For those interested in Shielded Areas (work in progress), please see my article on how I’ve built and bought shielding areas for protection at home. These are enclosed areas that cover the entire area from harmful frequencies.

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Here is an interview I conducted with Michaela Maria, a TI for more than a decade, who found relief from wearing lightweight lead vests to block DEW attacks. Worth a read. Some highlights:

Here is a testimonial from another TI who tried out my shielding suggestions:


I’ll start this off by saying that too many TI’s do not use wearable shielding . — to their own detriment. This is akin to having an x-ray and refusing to wear the dental apron. I know being targeted can be overwhelming. However, too often we begin in “Panic” mode, exhaust ourselves, and then enter a mode of Resignation — to absorb whatever is thrown at us because the opposition is “too advanced” to halt. So you put your body out there to absorb every frequency they throw at you — and offer no resistance.

Take a beat. Many of us are in the foxhole with you; we are going through something similar even if we’re countries apart. Take a minute and recognize that until we can stop those engaged in remote harassment, we can reduce the effects of their targeting. Their goal is to neutralize us, to cause us lethargy and pain, to deter us from talking about this phenomenon, to drive us mad or make us depressed, to retreat from activity, to be so tied up with our symptoms of pain and discomfort that all we can do is eke out a living.

So if you are targeted, if DEW is causing you sharp pain, or overtime weakening your muscles; if you get chest pains, V2K sounds or voices, general discomfort, organ pain, generalized fatigue, random eye discomfort, nausea, synthetic telepathy (commentary on what you’re doing- audible or subliminal), sped up heartbeat and all the other symptoms that these frequency weapons can cause, read on.

I have been targeted since 1999. I spent a good portion of this time in a state of doubt about my condition. The technology was so far beyond what I could come to terms with, like many of you, I walked around defenseless- merely hoping it would go away. Over the last few years, I’ve decided to take my destiny into my own hands. I’ve tested dozens of anti-EMF and shielding products and will share with you what I use and what works for me.

I know many TI’s are jaded about shielding solutions because there is so much bad advice out there including non-scientific gimmicks. TI Shielding suggestions often come in laundry list form- maybe a list of shielding metals — which leaves the TI wondering- well how do I protect myself with these metals when I’m walking or outside my home? How is this list actionable? Or maybe you’ll see a suggestion to “wear magnets” but no solid scientific reason this should be a comprehensive solution to DEW. So TI’s are wary to try another suggestion. My recommendations are based on science and when you see them described, you’ll recognize why they work. They are not newfangled; most have been pre-tested in the medical industry for decades and proven to block relevant frequencies.

I should caveat my list by describing what my primary symptoms are:

  • I have been attacked with DEW in different body parts, most recently focusing on my forearms and calves.
  • I am hit with subliminal V2K. This is usually preceded by a feeling of pressure on my head that is unmistakably coming from an external source. And then language I can clearly perceive, usually meant to harass.
  • I am hit with microwave auditory attacks (“car alarm on steroids”, siren sound, light/faint high pitch sound as background noise — all artificial through microwave hearing)
  • Targeting is worse in the evening. If there are microwave auditory attacks, usually at 6 PM through morning the next day (in other words it continues as I sleep).
  • I am targeted not just at my residence, but when I’m driving, at work, and when I’m out and about.

Good luck!

(the end)


  • CounterTruth — Has such terrific information on shielding materials for TI’s. Both scientific information and also real-world testing of what works and doesn’t. The founder is also a good guy who answered several questions I had about the different shielding materials.
  • Other TIs- We’re all figuring this out together. Conversations I have with TI’s helps me fill the gaps and connect the dots. In addition, I’ve benefitted from countless TI blogs; from people who struggled but still had the resourcefulness to share their knowledge online.

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