Shielding Observations

Now that I’ve been actively shielding from microwave targeting for several months (including finally being willing to pay for solutions and materials), I’ll talk a bit about my observations of wearing TI shielding. Both about issues I’m having and how much I notice shielding really matters. As well as some improvements I’ve made to my night-time shielding approach.

The Headwear is Crucial — for me at least

I’ve been visiting a local bar a few times a week. I like the group there and it’s nice to get out of the condo, as I work from home. Every time I’ve gone there, I’ve worn the Shield Headwear hat I mentioned in my initial TI Shielding guide.

Then, one day I chose not to wear it because I was going to be there a short time. The bartender and the patrons were surprised I had a full head of hair- they thought I was wearing it to cover a bald spot! I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes as I had to attend to something that evening. HOWEVER, I went back the next week without the hat. This time I was there for about 90 minutes. Prior, I’ve been there a few dozen times (always with my hat), never an issue. This time, my emotions were clearly artificial and manipulated. I had a sum total of 2 drinks- not enough to change anything about my temperament. I felt that unmistakable pressure on my head (which is a sign I get that the mental targeting is beginning or intensifying). But I started feeling this irritability — that was artificial yet it was hard to shake off. I got into a bit of an argument with the bartender over pretty much nothing- which was out of character. Fortunately, she forgave me the next time we met (when I was wearing my hat).

As TI’s know, we can have our emotions manipulated. We sense they may be manipulated since there is no root cause; but the emotions are still there. Try as we might to contain these artificial induced emotion, we sometimes let it get the best of us. As TI’s, these emotional manipulations include our sense of anger, hopelessness; at other times our sense of wonder or lust is triggered. I typically wear the Shield Headwear silver-lined hat everywhere, at home, and going out. This is just about the first time I went without it for an extended period of time. I believe the targeting operations to manipulate mood requires subtle access of regions of our brain- such as the amygdala and temporal lobe. I believe the Shield silver lining frustrates those operations. If they want, they can still hit me with pressure on my head, but these subtle methods- such as emotional manipulation- that require clear access to the brain are frustrated.

I’ve now spent tens of thousands of dollars on different shielding, but this hat is the best $45 I’ve spent. They can hit my body with DEW (which I’m also shielding for) but I won’t let them change who I am as a person with mental manipulation. Head-shielding is key for me; it’s like the AmEx slogan to me “Don’t leave home without it”.

I sincerely believe that if TI’s across America (and beyond) wore this hat or something similar, the efficacy of targeting would go down dramatically. I recognize that acoustic attacks, V2K, gangstalking, etc. would continue but bear in mind they regularly “check in” to see the effect of their attacks by probing regions of your brain (for stress, irritability, etc.) and it’s hard to do with when you have silver shielding blocking key regions of your brain. Without seeing the effect on your mental state, they are flying blind (so for example, they can’t double down on a tactic that truly bothers you because they won’t be able to clearly see its effect on your mental state). Also, the constant trickery entailing brain fog, mood manipulation, thought insertion, subliminal V2K, toying with emotions (ie: making TI’s feel irritable/feel lust, etc.) is substantially reduced. The ways they subtly encourage you to do certain things and discourage them is largely lost; they can’t reach your “reward circuit” in your brain. You are much more in control as a TI even if you must deal with the rest.

The Vest is Also Crucial — More so when I leave Home

Today I went to a doctor’s appointment that was 15 minutes from my home. It was a rare case I was out of the home without my vest and forearms shielding. I use a lightweight Xenolite frontal lead apron (under my shirt- cannot be seen) and X guard rubber sleeves (also under my shirt). This time I chose not to wear it because I thought I may have to take my clothes off when they check your breathing, etc — didn’t want to deal with the hassle. What a big mistake.

When I came back home, I was completely wiped out . I hadn’t felt this way in months- where all I could do was sit down. I had this overall unwell feeling — both mentally and physically. This is what happens my they target my mid-section and the organs therein. It’s a nasty feeling and “fatigue” doesn’t quite describe it. I believe they also target the chest, the heart and lungs. My forearms were also sore.

I had a To-Do list and couldn’t even bother. I had to rest for a few hours to recover. I put my shielding back on and gradually felt better.

It’s the case that when you wear shielding, you sometimes tend to take it for granted. It’s when you go without it, then you remember what you often felt like without it. I believe Perps or the AI, whatever it is, target us more when we’re leaving home, so as to deter us from venturing out. To isolate us. Now unless I have a great reason not to wear my vest and forearm shielding, I will. One reminder was all I needed.

Start with Being Comprehensive, then Get Lighter

At first, my shielding plan was full body coverage; let no body part be microwaved. As a result, I was going to bed with practically gladiator gear on! The sheer weight of my shielding alone caused me to be somewhat fatigued the next morning. It was a different problem than microwaving (which causes in addition to fatigue a tensing of my muscles that takes a while during the day to undo) — but still a problem.

So I downsized….

Here are two areas I did so.

1- Calves

If you read my primary TI shielding writeup, you’ll see that I called my lead calf shielding my “favorite shielding”.

Lead Sleeve on Universal Medical website

Why did I call it my favorite? Well it’s rare that you buy one thing and it makes such a big difference in your life. In my case, I recognized that I had symptoms of microwave targeting over a period of 4 years. I went from being very athletic- biking 4x a week, playing tennis and basketball every week to barely being able to walk two blocks. My calves were prime targets as a TI. My calves were so tight that even masseuses would puzzle and ask me why my calves were hard as rocks- but despite that, even medium pressure massage on them would cause them pain. They weren’t “strong”; they were constantly tensing due to microwave exposure- and they were full of lactic acid from doing so. After 2 blocks of walking, I had to sit and let my calves untense even a little. So you can imagine my exhilaration when I found wearing Lead Sleeves from Universal Medical over my calves starting untensing my calves — and now I could walk 5–10 blocks! I didn’t need to take Uber everywhere, I could get to more restaurants, walk to my drycleaner, etc. THIS WAS HUGE!!! I was very grateful for finding this product and it obviously works in blocking MW/RF exposure. To be able to walk again shows that I was now beating the microwave program, it was not beating me.

That being said, while I was overjoyed the tenseness in my calf was going away, the weight of the calf shielding was causing a fatigue of its own. Especially if I’d sleep at certain angles which would force other parts of my leg to support the weight. Each Sleeve weighed 4–6 lbs depending on size. It turns out that kind of weight can cause problems when it comes to wearables.

So I tried something else. In my supplemental TI shielding guide, I mentioned experimenting with XGuard Radiation Reducing Sleeves for my forearms.

These are made of natural rubber and weight less than 0.2 lbs (20x lighter than the lead calf shielding). These worked for my forearms (after stretching these sufficiently so they didn’t constrict bloodflow) so I got a pair for my calves. Once again, I had to stretch out the rubber by putting it around cans to stretch it out (even though I ordered Size Large). That took about a week. Now I’ve got it to fit my calves properly. And they work. It’s natural to be skeptical that something 20x lighter than the lead calf shielding work as well, but bear in mind:

  • These XGuard rubber sleeves are meant to block scatter x-ray radiation which is much more powerful than the likely DEW frequencies (DEW is likely 1–100 MHZ while XRay is 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz — thousands of time more powerful). So if they can block the latter, they can likely block the former.
  • See CounterTruth- a top TI shielding website. He repeatedly preaches the benefit of natural rubber (important it being “natural”; as many rubber products sold are not and are some kind of composite and may not work as shielding). And CounterTruth tests these products in a TI environment because he’s a TI.

I’m so glad to reduce the weight of my calf shielding by 20x; and now I have the benefit of shielding without the weight encumbrance when I sleep which otherwise causes fatigue of its own.

If you go this route, feel free to comment here and I can guide you through how to stretch the rubber to get it the right width.

2- Shoulders

(December 2018 Update: I now use modified rubber sleeves to cover my shoulders. You can still read the below if interested in my prior solution).

Whether those that guide our targeting are people (perps) or an AI program (I lean towards the latter), it seems clear that when you shield, they find some area of your body that doesn’t have shielding and focus the microwave attacks there. So it is with my shoulders. I hate waking up with dead shoulders; you use your arms for everything including typing. But as I shielded my head, my front, my back, my legs and calves, forearms, this was one of the only areas left. So what did I try?

Bar-Ray Lead Shoulder Sleeves — these are just too heavy.

Several pounds each. The lead blocks microwave attacks, but the weight, especially if I laid on my side, was making my shoulders sore the next day. As mentioned, weight-bearing soreness is different than microwave-exposure pain — but in this case I felt they were comparable in overall discomfort. So next I tried:

Infab’s “Revolution Attached Thyroid Collar Sleeve“. This covers your neck and your shoulders. You can see it below:

The problem with these is that they lay too much weight on the top of your shoulders (to protect the neck- which I’ve never had problems with as far as microwave targeting). When you breathe when you’re sleeping, you lift your shoulders. What happens is that my lungs the next day would feel weak; and I had shallow breath because the lungs had to push against the weight of this collar (as my shoulders lifted). If you or a family member has ever used a CPAP device for sleep apnea, you may be familiar with the “sore lung” — which in CPAP happens because you must breathe out against air pressure pumped in by the CPAP device. Same sort of thing with the Infab collar (although because of lifting the collar weight on the shoulders). This lead me to discover the shoulder shielding solution that’s working great for me:

InFab Revolution Sleeve

Infab makes a lightweight lead alternative so their sleeves are much lighter than the Bar-Ray Lead Shoulder Sleeves. The InFab sleeves weigh ~0.3 lbs. So they are about 5–6x lighter than the Bar-Ray lead sleeves. Being super-light, I’ve affixed them to my full-coverage apron; they hang off the ends of them. So actually the shoulder is really not bearing the weight; they pass the weight through the apron which is supported by my entire upper body. I’ve noticed no weight fatigue from them and they do block microwaves.

In Closing

I will keep iterating; making improvements to my TI shielding regime to get to the optimal point. And of course blog about it so other TI’s can follow along!

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I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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