TI Interview with Michaela Maria — A TI Shielding Success Story

Here’s an interview I conducted with Michaela Maria about TI shielding. Michaela is based in Germany and has been a TI since 2004; that’s 15 long years. Several months back, she came across my TI Shielding recommendations through another TI newsletter. She thought the shielding might help protect her from the DEW attacks and EMF mental interference that she faced. The interview goes through her experience.

Michaela mentioned she may have some difficulty with English but I think you’ll understand the essence of her responses. Thanks Michaela for doing this interview and sharing your experience so other TI’s can learn from it!

  1. When did you become a TI? And “why”, if you know and are willing to share?

Michaela: I think I am a TI from birth or at least since 2004. I am a highly sensitive person maybe highly intelligent and very creative…maybe it’s a genetic cause…I am also pure German with blue eyes and natural red hair.

2. When did you start being hit with DEW? What was the experience like?

Michaela: Over many years I recognized that there is something playing with my consciousness…I thought I am mentally ill…before about 7 years I lived in Berlin again and woke up in the night because my arm was moving without my will…I then got to a natural healer she told me you are an mk ultra…I can’t believe thought it was black magic or paranormal events…then I read about TIs and their symptoms were the same like mine…so I recognized I am a TI too…

3. What are the main DEW symptoms (as opposed to mind control) that you experience today?

Michaela: Main symptoms are laser streams deep in the brain both sides and body with daily bruises…burning on skin…laser to the bones…ovaries…vagina…after…remote neural monitoring is very heavy…

4. What forms of EMF shielding did you try before you used the lightweight lead vest? Did anything work?

Michaela: I tried tin foil before but it doesn’t really work…different orgonite stones, frequency music by dr. Virtual (white noise)…I experienced that some shielding techniques do work but only for a short time…I also fixed neodymium magnets to my body… I am taking aurum metallicum globuli…advice from other TI…it should help against depression darkness negativity…

I also do often detox bathing…

I eat without sugar and less meat.

5. What did you think of the TI community’s quality of shielding information prior to discovering the vest?

Michaela: I have little experience with this information in the TI community…

6. How did you find out about the lightweight lead vest solution for TI’s? And what was your impression when you read about it: positive and negative (ie: doubts, if any)?

Michaela: I found out about the lead vest by another TI who recommended you…I read it on their Twitter…first I thought it’s to heavy to wear or other people can see it is a lead vest…then I thought it is too expensive or maybe problems by buying it because it is medical equipment…I thought maybe it works only for a short time like other shielding…but one day I thought I try it…hope…

7. What were considerations, concerns you had about ordering the vest? Were you concerned you might pay and then it would not work?

Michaela: The vest helps the most until now but it helped more at the beginning…I also have the shielding beanie and cap you recommended…it first worked better but it works so I wear it. (Editor note: this is common with any shielding that perps will modify their attacks accordingly; however, it’s worth nothing Michaela still finds the wearable lead shielding to provide strong protection)

8. Walk us through when you received the vest, what your impressions were, and early experiences when you wore the vest?

Michaela: First time I wore the vest I felt like I am me again…before the heavy attacks started…it lasted about a few days or a week then they managed to break through with laser I think…through material or at the points where the vest isn’t direct on the body…but like I said…it works and shields; i have more energy and more own will with it then without [the shielding].

9. Overall, how has the vest reduced the effects of EMF targeting?

Michaela: It works not 100% but it shields and helps reducing the radiation…I also wear it as skirt when I got sexually harassed…

10. What would you say is the most important effect of targeting that the vest has stopped or reduced?

Michaela: Reducing pressure on heart attacking heart and inner organs groin stomach…have more energy and feel myself more…

11. What is one kind of EMF attack that you thought the vest would do more to reduce but hasn’t; or what areas is the vest unsatisfactory in (given the coverage area; ie: just talking about upper body body parts the vest covers)

Michaela: Laser beams in back spine are hard sometimes attacks to stomach and heart…but it could possibly be they are shooting me in other body parts or brain with frequency to cause stomach pain and the vest shields…

12. Would you recommend the lightweight lead vest for other TI’s.

Michaela: Yes I always recommend the vest to other ti’s.

13. What kind of vest did you buy. What thickness? What version? Did you buy lead or lead alternative?

Michaela: I bought the model you recommended and the thickest version of it in lead alternative. (Editor’s Note: If you want to see the specific recommendations)

14. How do you feel about the weight of the vest?

Michaela: The weight is totally ok but sometimes I like to be light without the vest…just be me.

15. Are you able to wear the vest under your clothes and wear it outside your home?

Michaela: I wear the vest over my clothes and outside over my leather jacket…you can’t see it’s a lead vest looks totally normal…

16. What situations do you wear the vest and which do you not? (ie: work, sleep, outside the home, out with friends)

Michaela: I wear it day and night…if someone asks I say I am electro sensitive and it’s medical clothing.

17. How does the vest compare to prior EMF shielding you used?

Michaela: The vest is better than all shielding I had before.

18. What has the vest allowed you to do that you couldn’t do before?

Michaela: I think she helped me not to be totally consumed by pain through the attacks…so she helps to live your everyday life in every situation…

19. If there’s a TI out there who is hit with DEW and is hesitant about getting a vest, what would you tell them?

Michaela: That the vest helps improve his situation..it’s not 100% but it helps and it’s not that expensive he might think…you can also ask to get a vest for trying if it helps and when not give it back…bought mine in Germany and that was the deal…payed about 100 Euro because of new laws.

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