What I’m Shielding With Today

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— My Gear —

Here is what I wear to reduce the effects of targeted individual attacks.

What I’m Shielding With Today

This will cover wearable shielding; my emphasis is blocking DEW.

Rather than get into the gory details of how I evaluated decibel-level EMF shielding at various frequencies, and the scientific minutiae of the shielding properties of lead rubber, etc. — I want to share the list of what I know works so you can benefit from it right away. TI’s often suffer and have to read 200 pages of science in a book professing to help TI’s when they have an urgent need for protection now, not after reading a novel. These solutions have worked for me (suffering from Targeting for 10+ years and experiment with shielding constantly) along with many TI’s who’ve thanked me.

I make NO money from any of these recommendations; there are no affiliate links. Note: prices listed are FYI, know that vendors change prices routinely.

By Day

I recommend 3 things as essential for TI’s to wear by day:

1- Lead vest

2- Lead hat

3- Silver-lined ballcap

It comes down to protecting your upper body (lungs, heart, organs) and head as much as possible.

1- Xenolite Standard Lead Rubber Vest (0.175mm).

Xenolite’s vests are made of lead rubber- which blocks DEW frequencies (understandable given such vests have been used in the medical community for decades blocking X-ray frequency, which is far more powerful than the Microwave range frequency than TI’s face).

I order them in black, one size larger than I am. I wear a full coverage Xenolite standard vest which covers my upper body, both front and back. I special order this to be 0.175mm/0.175mm (that is 0.175 millimeters lead thickness in the front, 0.175 millimeters in the back).

By default the vest comes in the following sizes: 0.35/0.25mm and 0.5mm/0.25mm. So why do I order less protection (at 0.175 mm)? Simple reason: weight. Wearing this by day can be fatiguing. I wanted to order as much protection as needed, but no more. Remember these vests are made to defend medical professionals from X-ray frequency which is much higher frequency than the microwave frequency we face. I have purchased and tested over 10 Xenolite vests to determine the ideal configuration. I found that 0.125mm was too low and some attacks got through. I believe 0.175mm is the ideal ‘happy medium’- protects but can wear it throughout the day without its weight wearing you down.

I ordered it in black & wear it under my clothes — people can’t tell by looking at me. It protects my chest, lungs, heart, and other organs from DEW attacks. I ordered one size larger than I am so it fits loosely (I can breathe better) and so it reaches down further and protects my lower abdominal organs. If you go to the link it shows a “vest and skirt” option- you can just purchase the vest separately (although consider ordering both; as you’ll see below, I wear the skirt to cover my lower body when I sleep). Cost: ~$135 (vest only)

2- Lead Cap

When I’m inside my home, I regularly wear this Lead Cap. This is perhaps the best discovery I’ve made in TI shielding. You might recognize the lead cap — it’s what doctors wear when they’re going to be exposed to x-ray radiation. TI’s can use it to block EMF headaches, and DEW attacks to the head area. It reduces neutralization lethargy (see my article on that), significantly reduces in my case- syntel (synthetic telepathy), reduces remote body control & programming, and other mental tampering that TI’s face.

The lead protection is typically 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm (thickness of lead rubber) and well sufficient for the EMF attacks we face. The price is tiny compared to the benefit, ranging from $17 to $50. See leaded caps on Amazon and eBay. Cost: $17–50.

3- Shield Headwear ballcap

When I’m outside my home, I wear Shield Headwear’s silver lined ballcap: reduces subtle mental manipulation and remote neural monitoring. Dampens direct DEW hits, but does not stop heavy attacks (which I often get). (note: Doesn’t reduce audible V2K, microwave auditory attacks). Cost: $45

  • Optionally: XGuard Radiation Reducing Sleeves: Blocks DEW towards forearms. Necessary during high targeting periods. Today I’m not using these by day, but there are times I’m targeted in the forearms, presumably to keep me from typing information like this (yes- we live in a strange world). Cost: $65 per arm. (product link)

Total cost of the vest and lead hat is ~$180. I believe protection of the head and torso/chest are essential. My suggestion: start there.

The result is I can function in and out of my home. It reduces DEW- that unpleasant overall body fatigue, that “toxic feeling”, artificial heart rate escalation, vibrations, chest pain, etc. The head shielding limits the mental interference.

At Night; when sleeping

Xenolite Standard Vest (0.35mm/0.25mm) and Lead Skirt: Same vest (Xenolite Vest) as I wear during the day but thicker (0.35 front/0.25mm back vs 0.175/0.175mm). In addition, I put on the lead skirt at night to protect me when I’m asleep. The skirt is a kind of lead-laden kilt. It will cover your below the waist (I get targeted in my thighs a lot).

The kilt provides coverage so electronic sexual harassment can be reduced (for further reduction, see my post on Folding). As above, I recommend you order the Vest one size larger than usual for breathing purposes; this is even more relevant at night. Nighttime breathing can be impaired as the vest presses against chest/lungs and diaphragm breathing muscle. Ordering one size larger, I don’t have any problems.

The Vest and Skirt will cover most of your body. When I sleep, weight is less of an issue, so I order the 0.35/0.25 mm (instead of the 0.175/0.175 mm I wear by day). If you want it heavier, Xenolite offers a vest at 0.5 mm/0.25 mm. (update November 2019- I ordered a 0.5mm/0.5 mm and will test if that helps during heavy DEW attacks; Update 2020- No it’s too heavy :) ). Cost: ~$350


  • When my targeting is heavy (most of the time) -> Leaded Cap. (see above). This thing is just amazing. It stops perp head attacks cold. And you get it as low as $17. See leaded caps on Amazon and eBay. Cost: $17–50.
  • When my targeting is light -> Shield Headwear Beanie: The Beanie is easier to wear than the Shield ballcap when sleeping and provides similar protection. Does not block heavy attacks. Cost: ~$50

With this wearable shielding, I am almost completely shielded from DEW when I sleep (the only uncovered areas are: face, neck, hands, feet). I have honed this list over months, trialing and error with dozens of products — many I rejected for not shielding well enough, others for being too heavy (cumbersome in a way that could complicate sleep).

Heaviness was a big factor; Ie: would you have a good night’s sleep if you slept in football gear? Would you be well rested the next morning? Your body is supposed to regenerate muscle tissue at night but is instead supporting tens of pounds overnight.

My experience has been night and day after adopting shielding. DEW no longer is steadily wearing away my muscles, nor am I getting “zapped”. It doesn’t disappear- but it lessens. There is a long road to recovery and other dimensions of targeting to attend to- but these clothes have helped me turn the corner.

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