Why TI Shielding Mattered for Me

In early 2013 I joined the worldwide marketing team of one of the largest tech companies. My first year was a blur of coming up the ‘learning curve’ in a new organization as well as taking on a few significant projects. In mid 2014, I started to slow down for no discernable reason. This continued through end of 2015 when I was wheezing just walking and co-workers noticed I could not walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded and having to sit down to recover. This despite that I had been very physically active and healthy before. Over this year and half, I had seen every conceivable medical specialist and had endless imaging and bloodwork. Doctors could find nothing. In mid 2016, I finally quit this tech company and focused full time on my health.

From 2016 to 2018, I had one major surgery as my doctors felt I had sleep apnea. I also took endless new medications. I began making slight progress when seen for chronic fatigue as it addresses what was diagnosed by bloodwork as an overactive immune system and constant inflammation in my body. But 90% of my problem persisted.

As background from 1999, I have been targeted. This targeting has come in various forms: gang-stalking, acoustic weapons (which began as early as 1999), subliminal V2K which I can interpret very clearly, sharp DEW (which is a kind of zapping), dream manipulation, RNM combined with gangstalking and people mentioning bits and pieces of my thoughts. Over these almost 20 years, the targeting has increased and decreased and changed form. But it always seems to rear its head in a significant targeting event every few years. And has derailed my life many times, only for me to try to get back with my career after the worst.

In 2011, I had my last major event (which caused me to be institutionalized for 24 hours), and afterwards, I felt as if the targeting had subsided. Acoustic attacks took place but were infrequent. Occasionally, I had DEW zapping at night and subliminal v2k. These were happening infrequently and I thought the worst was behind me. The rest of 2011 was mostly uneventful; late 2011 and 2012 I had a major financial debacle where the thief “praised Lucifer” but my body was not being targeted. In 2013, I started having a few days where I was totally wiped out and had to go to the ER on one occasion. There was no explanation; the closest thing it seemed was to do a DEW knockout such as in 2011 and earlier- when in the midst of targeting, my body collapsed. But in this case, there was no accompanying gangstalking, destabilization, V2k, etc. And my targeting usually had been mental and psychological; never just tearing down my body. So I dismissed it.

When I began feeling weak in 2014, I never considered that it might be “subtle DEW”- the DEW that you cannot feel but slowly and surely wastes away your body. At the time I was caring for a sick relative, I was not focused on my own health. This whole time of working with doctors and then with chronic fatigue specialists, I never figured that DEW may be the cause. In the past, I always felt the DEW as though it were meant to be felt. I never thought they could silently microwave my body without my noticing at all and it get to the point where I could hardly walk more than a block. I could not walk uphill. I had to give up tennis, surfing, boxing, weightlifting (which I did 4x a week, even when traveling) — everything. I could not drive more than an hour, any kind of transportation exhausted me. I could not hang out at night for any length without being extremely tired and so didn’t bother.

But I just was never attacked for a stretch of time where they basically turned everything else off- including the acoustic attacks (siren sound) that I would get habitually for years. It was like they were trying to make me think that all the targeting had ended. But secretly they were seeing how long they could destroy my body before I would ‘wake up’ and realize the cause. The answer to that was 4 years. 4 years of torment and endlessly searching for what the medical cause may be.

In early 2018, I spoke with another TI and she mentioned how from targeting her muscles were becoming tight. This was exactly how I felt- that my muscles were always tensed- which is what happens when they are exposed to radiation. It would also explain my inflammation (which had no cause anyone could see) and possibly my immune system which was reacting to this attack. No one could explain this constant tightness and tensing in my muscles.

I decided to buy a sheet of lead and cover my forearm with it overnight -and VOILA- my forearm was not tight and fatigued when I woke up.

Even after this clear demonstration that DEW attack was causing my body fatigue, I had a hard time accepting it. In the past, the attackers had always wanted to be conspicuous. To ruin my life, while making it clear they were ruining my life. There was ALWAYS some gangstalking, or some acoustic harassment or subliminal V2K. And before there was usually some triggering event like my reading about the Federal Reserve or researching other sensitive topics like UFOs. In this case, there was none that I could think of- except I had been targeted before.

This began an intensive search for shielding that could protect myself from what I will call “subtle DEW” that seeks to wear down the target’s body without their even knowing. It does not feel like a zap; you don’t feel it when it’s happening at all- you just get weaker and weaker. Several months later, I’ve combined all kinds of wearable shielding, built a shielded room in my home office, and continue to test and experiment with new shielding solutions to protect me from DEW ravaging my body.

I am starting to feel better and get a bit stronger. There is clearly cumulative damage to my body that will need time to recover. It used to be that I could not be active past 8 PM and I would be exhausted by then and need to lie down (before that there were many days were I would have to nap mid day or rest during the day). The tightness in my calves and thighs are receding- although they still are not up to any strenuous activity. As is the case with perps, when you defend yourself from one attack, they migrate to another- and I can tell the acoustic attacks are ramping up. But I have shielding solutions in mind for that as well (and have had success with some).

Also, I noticed other problems like ED. Clearly, being microwave is not good for certain parts of your body. By finding shielding by Spartan, I’ve found that I’ve been able to protect myself and start to get back to normal.

I feel as though I am on the road to recovery. Many TI’s are being damaged, especially at night and when they sleep. Protecting your body also helps protect your overall mental health; one interacts with the other. When you are so fatigued and out of it, it is hard to concentrate and earn a salary, which you need for living, and for fighting the attacks you’ll face. You get agitated and hopeless. Most TI’s wait too late. I waited 4 years exhausting every option of body fatigue and this is even after I’d been targeted before. It just shows that TI’s will constantly face new challenges.

It’s hard to predict where I’ll be 12 months from now. But for now, shielding has made the difference between being incapacitated and living a semi-normal life, despite everything. I’ll continue to try new materials, do writeups on what the effect is, and share all this with the TI community.

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I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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