Yes, the aprons have been a life-saver for me. Custom-ordered to end at waist level and in black, I wear them every day under my ordinary clothes. No one else notices and I save myself from both the hard DEW (the shocks and stabbing pain) as well as subtle DEW (where they tense the muscles or cause gradual harm). As a result, I can be productive/active about 6 hours a day whereas before it had gotten to be only about 2 hours, 3 on a good day.

I have been meaning to write a new article on aprons. I’ve done extensive testing on different lead thickness. Thickness affects the quality of shielding but also the weight. Optimal is lightest weight that gets the job done. I’ve tested 0.3 mm, but now also 0.125mm and soon 0.175mm. I’ve tested both full-body and frontal only. There are some differences that I’ve been meaning to spell out. The summary is I wear the 0.125mm frontal by day(which Xenolite will make if you request; must call them, not on website) and the full coverage 0.3 mm by night.

I’ve been focused on different areas like validating my EMF measurements but when time frees up will write another piece on lead aprons on DEW.

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I'm a Bitcoin and Alt-coin investor based in the Bay Area. Started investing in crypto in 2015.

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